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Blog/Release Notes

Apache Doris announced the official release of version 2.0.1

Apache Doris

Thanks to our community users and developers, 383 improvements and bug fixes have been made in Doris 2.0.1.

Behavior Changes


functionality and stability of array and map datatypes

performance for inverted index query

performance for bitmap, like, scan, agg functions

functionality and stability of CCR

merge on write unique table

optimizer table stats and analyze

functionality and performance of multi catalog

Important Bug fixes

See the complete list of improvements and bug fixes on github .

Big Thanks

Thanks all who contribute to this release:

@adonis0147 @airborne12 @amorynan @AshinGau @BePPPower @BiteTheDDDDt @bobhan1 @ByteYue @caiconghui @CalvinKirs @csun5285 @DarvenDuan @deadlinefen @DongLiang-0 @Doris-Extras @dutyu @englefly @freemandealer @Gabriel39 @GoGoWen @HappenLee @hello-stephen @HHoflittlefish777 @hubgeter @hust-hhb @JackDrogon @jacktengg @jackwener @Jibing-Li @kaijchen @kaka11chen @Kikyou1997 @Lchangliang @LemonLiTree @liaoxin01 @LiBinfeng-01 @lsy3993 @luozenglin @morningman @morrySnow @mrhhsg @Mryange @mymeiyi @shuke987 @sohardforaname @starocean999 @TangSiyang2001 @Tanya-W @ucasfl @vinlee19 @wangbo @wsjz @wuwenchi @xiaokang @XieJiann @xinyiZzz @yujun777 @Yukang-Lian @Yulei-Yang @zclllyybb @zddr @zenoyang @zgxme @zhangguoqiang666 @zhangstar333 @zhannngchen @zhiqiang-hhhh @zxealous @zy-kkk @zzzxl1993 @zzzzzzzs